The Bedpost Paradox

After Sen. Warren and other’s efforts to decry the “metaverse” and “crypto markets”, I feel compelled to advocate for something I think is a very bright light in a very dark world — Decentralized Finance, Web 3.0, and the existence and real-life applications of the Metaverse. Many have said the Metaverse is a made up world that has no bearing on reality. But I’ve got news for you, so is THIS ONE, and this one fucking blows…big time, as Borat once said. The world we live in now is a made up shitshow created by those who live and die by a code of blatant, unapologetic self-interest, de facto corruption, and a never satisfied hunger to be the best, the richest, the most powerful, even if it costs the rest of us our happiness, our livelihoods — or, in some cases, even our lives. RIP Alex. So, in the end, this is a ridiculous paradox, and I have henceforth dubbed this the Bedpost Paradox because Kenny is a dick and he also is dickless, so it seemed only fitting.

(A moment of silence for Alex and all those nameless folks who were destroyed by Kenny and his band of thieves…)

If we can make up this world, or if “they” can, then why not the next? Why can’t we do better? Well, my friends, because the cunts at the top of this miserable food chain don’t want us to.

They want us to be obedient, stay in line, accept their half-assed excuses for why they can’t fix the planet and life for the people who live on it, but it’s the longest con in all of existence (see what I did there?) — that they deserve to be at the top — that they deserve to make these rules — and that they give a single solitary shit about Joe Smith whose wife and kid are both dead but he can’t afford to pay for their fucking funerals because he was fired by Amazon for leaving work early to see them before they passed. Wow, that’s a really specific example, but you get the point. Anyway…

The people in this world have been wholly fucked, inside and out, rightside up, upside down, and seven ways from Sunday for the better part of the past few centuries. Longer, even. And it shows. I see it in the books we read — if we read at all, the movies we watch, the heroes we idolize, and the messages we put out into the world via Web 2.0. Honestly, for a long time, the better part of my adult life, even, I saw social media as a vapid wasteland of superficial, narcissistic, clout seeking people who — underneath it all — really had no idea what mattered or really cared all that much about everyone else, and on some level, I definitely still think that. But now, I also see it as the only way to connect with like-minded, free-thinking, honest, empathetic, intelligent people determined against every possible obstacle to build something better for all people. Not just some stupid fucking slogan, but a real chance, perhaps the only chance, at recalibrating the scales of power and putting it in the hands of the people where it has always belonged. Something that will use the digital world not to replace our lives, but to better our lives. A place that will provide us with free education, truly free speech, and most of all, the chance at that “free and fair market” that has never in actuality existed so that we can have the kind of rich, full, healthy, meaningful lives every fucking human being on this earth deserves. That place is the Metaverse.

Not actual footage, fyi

Writers for Bloomberg and Jim Cramer’s horseshit show would have you think the Metaverse is a dangerous, unreliable place, but it is far less so than our current world which relies on racism, hatred, polarization, bigotry, anger, tribalism, violence, and blind, unflinching patriotic rhetoric to provide a select few with bigger houses, better cars, exclusive educations, and access to a world only they know exists. They don’t like what we’ve made here. They have shaken that motherfucking jar so hard that we don’t even know why we’re angry anymore. They laugh while they count their money, and they’re trying to bully their way into a world they don’t understand, a world where money is only the tool, not the end game. Currently, we live in a world where people educate themselves in their mom’s basements (because they can’t afford to live on their own) or on the toilet reading DD on their phones (because they can’t afford college) and they talk to each other on Reddit because they’re so beaten down by despair and hopelessness and a can’t win mentality that they are barely living at all. But that world is ending. Right now. Finally, after eons of suffer and dystopian misery, we have found a way to combine our rights to self-preservation and collectively shout, “WHAT THE FUCK HAVE THEY DONE TO US?!” And that can never be unsaid. Stop looking back. We’re not going that way.

See you out there, friends. Oh, and Kenny, go fuck yourself…



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