Once Upon a Time in the Metaverse Part III: Heroes, Villains, and the Ones Who Got Lost in the Mix

WARNING: This is NOT a formal DD — it’s a discussion and my opinion. If you want to see the research, I’ve posted all of it on r/TheGloryHodl — where I keep a library of literally everything that has brought me here. If you don’t like reading, consider this a sort of TL;DR. If you want something specific, just ask! I’m happy to hop into my archives and find it!

Please read Once Upon a Time in the Metaverse Parts I and II here before continuing on:



*Shoutout to CryptoStars for trying to help me get information out there — thank you!

Greetings, you beautiful degens! It’s amazing how much shit you can learn in a little over a year by way of Reddit, memes, gifs, and good old-fashioned research, isn’t it? I can read disturbingly fast, but even with my lightning-fast llama reading eyes, it’s been a really difficult journey made much worse by the endless shadowbans and general fuckery that come courtesy of our hedgie friends. I’m sure you’ve all seen enough of spamming, banning, disappearing posts, bots, and shills, too. It’s honestly embarrassing how obvious they’re being. DON’T BUY GAMESTOP! LOL. What a bunch of fucking idiots. But none of that matters, anymore because we are so close I can smell moondust, and it smells fantastic!

Anyway, by now, I’ve probably read thousands upon thousands of mind-numbing pages of SEC filings, DD, news reports, discussions, legislation, court documents, and miscellaneous documents associated with market corruption and the Gamestop saga. I’ve read EVERY DD in u/ZedInstead’s library (even though there are DeFinitely a few that are over my head), and I am actively seeking new information every single day because I can’t stop…won’t stop…you know the rest.

Suffice it to say, I’ve been pretty Zen since my WuTang thesis a while back, but I know that there are so many people out there who don’t have all the pieces of the puzzle. People who want to know what the hell is going on and how this is all gonna unfold. To be honest, I don’t have all the answers, either, but I’ve put together enough to know that we are not only moonbound, but that we are a part of a social, financial, and historical revolution that will forever change the course of humanity for the foreseeable future, provided we don’t end up acting like those douchebags we can’t stand — Kenny, Stevie, Gabe (RIP Dumbass). Our priorities have to be in order. That is non-negotiable. If we carry forth the same shit-fucked values into tomorrow, nothing will ever get better. Money is the tool, not the end game. Please, if you take nothing else away from this article, take that.

Anyway, let’s get down to the pieces of the puzzle I might be able to help you with. First, I believe and have ample evidence for the tokenization of markets — and not just the stock market. This transition has been planned and happening right under our noses, I think as far back as 1985 — check the date of Paypal’s inception. Countless academic and government research papers have been written extolling the virtues — and downfalls — of cryptocurrency, market tokenization, and what I call an “overlay” of a digital universe onto our existing one in order to recalibrate the scales of justice and give us a chance to unfuck a system that has been dictated by corrupt millionaires and billionaires since its inception.

All of that has been information has been published and sitting right under our noses for a really long time. The problem was that nobody really bothered looking at it. A lot of it is really fucking boring, but it’s all important. Instead, we resigned ourselves to living in poverty or just scraping by in a waking nightmare that has been expertly manipulated by power players and rich assholes in ways that are so unethical, so horrific, it’s hard to believe they got away with it for so long…but they did. Until now.


­­We are not the first ones to uncover corruption and misdeeds and to take the powers that be to task — we are simply the most recent, and arguably, we are the culmination and end game of a worldwide effort to break down all that back-slapping, corporate fuckhead cronyism and greed that has been so systemic, so embedded in our culture that we’d march ourselves right off a financial cliff just to get a small piece of it, just to feel like we had a chance. But we didn’t. We never have. The whole fucking thing has been an illusion. From their purchasing of mainstream media outlets to rigging markets to pushing self-serving legislation to “disappearing” those who disagree with them, there are no lengths they will not go to in order to preserve their place at the top, but the thing is, most of us have ONLY been looking at the corruption, and the crimes they’ve committed. Nobody bothered to wonder what happens next when all that crime falls away. What are we left with? Well, I think I know…

Gamestop, Ryan Cohen, Loopring, Byron, Larry, Elon, Wu Tang, and so many others are doing incredible good behind the scenes and building us a far better world while getting attacked from all sides, and they don’t want recognition. They don’t want to be admired or famous or loved, even. They just want to do the right fucking thing. And the truth is, there are more good guys than villains, and that’s the part Kenny and friends don’t want you to believe. That’s the part they don’t want you to see. They want you to think people are innately mean and greedy and that you have to take from someone else to have a good life or enough resources, but that’s a total fucking lie.

Unfortunately, the good guys right now have had to hide in the darkness because this is too big to fuck around with. This is too important to mess up. Carefully placed breadcrumbs are everywhere, though. Literally, everywhere. Devs. Artists. Musicians. Actors. CEOs. You name it, they exist. The silent players arguably playing the most dangerous, and most important, game in history. So much is at stake. And Gamestop is at the center of that…the little kid from Cloak and Dagger taking on the bad guys and actually winning…

They’re going first. They’re taking the heat. They’re building and building and building so that we have more fair and equitable markets, more hope for a better tomorrow, more access to the things that have historically been reserved for people like Ken Griffin. I think many people underestimate the importance of what’s happening, and that honestly scares me, because I look around me, and I see a world full of people so obsessed with material wealth and so angry about everything that I worry we won’t be able to handle the responsibility that comes with this new system. This new “way”.

Wu Wei or “Buy and hodl”

We have to treat each other with kindness and dignity. We have to respect each other and stop making snap judgements about people based on one or two mistakes. We have to allow ourselves to be vulnerable and be part of the human family. And we have to put to rest all the shit that’s been pumped into our heads telling us to hate one another because of this group or that group, as hard as that is. In short, we need to rise to the fucking occasion and stop treating each other like shit. We need to help each other succeed instead of stepping on one another just to reach the top of the economic pyramid. If we can’t do that, this will all be for nothing. The new system will not be perfect, but it will be better, and we deserve better than what we have right now. A hell of a lot better. So, let’s get it.

Power to the Players.




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