Dear Mr. Gensler and Friends,

I am writing to you because I was so deeply appalled at the ridiculous, cartoonish, insulting portrayal of retail investors in your recent video. To the millions of investors who have lived under a corrupt, crony-driven, horrifically absurd system of loopholes for far too long, this video is a direct attack on our lives, our livelihoods, and the American dream you supposedly stand for. This video and your actions — and lack of action — over the past year or so have been absolutely inexcusable. And the complete disregard for the human beings (us) who have spent our paltry existence working and scraping by within the confines of an elitist, broken, backwards, politically motivated nightmare was horribly apparent and a slap in the face to those of us who have spent hours of time we don’t have researching and educating others on market mechanics, legislation, and so much more.

The attitude and tenor of the SEC and all oversight and regulatory bodies towards average people has been dismissive, cold, disheartening, and cruel. You have allowed unethical and immoral behavior to run rampant. You have kept a curtain around your agencies and treated retail investors like children — stupid, uninformed children, and there is no excuse for that. I’ve looked into the eyes of the impoverished, suffering masses, and I continue to do so every day because I have dedicated my life to public service, and I will never stop giving everything I have to make the world better, but none of you can say you have done the same. You ride each other’s coattails into positions of privilege and power, and you enable criminals and monsters to perpetuate acts of financial treason against the very people you are sworn to protect. You mock and degrade us. You humiliate us. You crush our souls and any hope we have with every unfeeling, bullshit, empty tweet, with every stupid “educational” video, and with every empty promise. Every day that goes by without major, systemic change, you are allowing hedge funds, big banks, and corporate interests to murder us. Sure, we die from other causes — unaffordable healthcare, crime and criminality, suicide, etc., but underneath it all is one common problem — injustice. Injustice so flagrant and beyond belief I can only hope this whole thing is a simulation.

I truly don’t think you can fathom the damage your inaction has done. While political appointees make trades based on inside information, while their friends in the SEC look the other way, and while the Fed continually lies to the American and global community about the state of the economy, we sit here, reading our asses off, trying to help each other and do better, learn faster, speak louder, but you still churn out logical fallacy after logical fallacy and deliver us into the hands of private interests who already have more than enough. You are taking the food out of our children’s mouths. You are stealing their futures. You are killing us. Still, you drag this along, promising a window of opportunity that will never come. It’s cruel and inhumane and utterly disgraceful.

Now is always the time for change, not some vague point in the future that you dangle in front of us. Now. Today. I am disgusted by your excuses and privilege, by your neglect of the law, by your ability to create endless loopholes for your friends but not revise the law to protect us. I had faith in you. I know what is happening. I know what’s to come, and I know there are people who are “trying” to make things better, but trying is simply not enough, anymore. It never was. Action and expedience will be the ONLY thing you are remembered for. But you thrive on inaction. You and the regulatory bodies who govern this economic circus are a disgrace to this country and the hard-working people who hold it up. That is what you will be remembered for.

That video you posted was a direct affront to every retail investor — educated or not — striving for a better life, throwing their chips in on a completely rigged game. I don’t want to hear the word “try” anymore. I don’t want to hear that you’ve charged 5 people who we part of a small-time crypto scam in Who Gives a Fuck, Minnesota. I want you to go after the big dogs with your teeth bared because that’s what guardians of the public trust need to do in a fucked up world completely out of sync with what is right and good. And before you laugh and say this person has no idea what they’re talking about, you can rest assured that I have read more than most people you work for. I see the whole thing. I’ve read it all. And I know who I am. Sadly, you are starting to show us who YOU are, and I’d prefer not to look at you at all, anymore.

So, while you mock and deride us, we will be here, doing good, doing what’s right, protecting ourselves as best we can, trying even in the face of unimaginable odds, and I can promise you that we will never stop working towards more equitable markets, which is more than I can say for you. In closing, please, just do your fucking job.





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