Dear Kenny and Friends…

First, let me say that this was never a free market — since the beginning of human history. This world and this country have thrived on perpetuating the fortunes of a select, privileged few while millions of people suffer, starve, lose their homes, struggle to feed their children, fight to make ends meet, and are forced to make the most degrading and humiliating choices in order to keep their families going while you “good people” fly your private airplanes above it all, telling yourselves that you’re decent human beings because you “donate to charity” and hold hundred dollar a plate galas to make yourselves feel better so you can pretend you don’t see the human collateral you leave in the wake of your yachts as you drift off into a sea of willful ignorance. Let me be clear, the shameful contrast between your daily life and the average citizen’s daily life is inexcusable — whether you choose to acknowledge it or not.

There is NOT financial equity and opportunity in this world. There never has been, and we all know it. Stop deluding yourselves that you are good, honest, hard-working people who earned what you have. Open your eyes and look at your life. You think you deserve what you have more than the parents working three jobs a piece who can barely afford rent, let alone childcare? You think you deserve what you have more than the people who pick up your trash? The people who serve you your meals? The people who take care of you in the hospitals when you are sick? Come on. You know the answer. Don’t delude yourself into thinking you are good people. We all know what’s going on here. Let me be clear, you are absolutely the bad guys. Look at the world you fucking made…

You did this. It’s not “the way things are” — it’s the way you made. You hide your money in family offices while others literally starve, but you really needed that new jet, right? That big helicopter? That private staff to attend to your every whim? Of course you did. Because you are pieces of shit who suck the joy out of living with your mere existence, and we have finally had enough of it.

Good, truly charitable people do not amass and sustain enormous fortunes while innocent children starve and die in the streets, while entire families fight for places in shelters because they are waiting for stimulus money that isn’t even enough to get by. Good people do not need enormous mansions — not to mention second, third and fourth homes in the mountains or on the ocean, while so many are living in pay by the day motels with their newborn babies, their school-aged children, their own aging parents, struggling to find work in a supposedly “booming” economy. Good, charitable people do not send their kids to elitist private schools while public education bleeds — no, hemorrhages resources and money. Good people don’t have car collections while the rest of the world can barely afford a decent mode of transportation — or a safe, reliable one without risking their lives. Good people don’t turn a blind eye and try to pretend it all away. Good people DO NOT stack the deck against the little guy.

Do not pretend you are a victim. If the suddenly “free market” is destroying your life, welcome to our world, the world of the many, the world the rest of us live in while you spend your millions on shit like priceless paintings and private islands and God only knows what else. But you say your life might be destroyed because other people suddenly decided they wanted some nice things, too. Because they didn’t want to buy into the bullshit, anymore. They wanted to loosen the iron grip the one percent has on that American Dream. Why is that bad? Because you have to pay the price this time? How does it feel? Pretty fucking bad, right? Maybe now you’ll get it. But probably not because you are all entitled narcissistic arrogant pricks who believe in your own greatness more than basic humanity.

I hope your families are not ruined because of this — I truly do. I would never want to see another human being or child suffer, unlike you, who has stood idly by while the rest of the world is fighting over scraps, killing each other for small sums of money just to survive. I am better than that. I still have strength in my family with or without wealth or privilege. The love I have for my family and friends is not and will never be based on our fortunes or our poverty. So, in closing, if you need some tips on how to survive financial hardship, just ask the 99%. I’m sure people would be happy to reach out and lend a hand. After all, they’ve had centuries of practice, and most of them are good people. Charitable people, at that.


The Less Fortunate



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